Reasons To Be Fit #6

It’s good to be fit when you go alone to Bed Bath and Beyond and discover that the bathroom shelving unit you want is packaged in a big, heavy box labeled “TEAM LIFT. DO NOT LIFT ALONE.” But you are alone. And you want the shelves. And you most certainly do not want to make another trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. 

So you ignore the label, bend down and deadlift the box from the floor and place it into your cart. It’s no problem, cause you’re so fit.

But when you get to the checkout counter to pay for the shelves you realize that you have left your Bed Bath and Beyond coupon at home. You ask the cashier to give you the 20% off anyway, because they send those coupons out like every week and so what’s the big deal and why don’t they just price everything right in the first place instead of making you play the coupon circus game?

She refuses you the discount and you realize that although your muscles are strong, your persuasion skills could use a little work.

She does, however, insist that somebody help you out with the box. You explain to her that you don’t need help, that you lifted the box into the cart no problem, that you can place it your car with equal ease, that you’re going to have to carry it into your apartment alone anyway.

She ignores you and calls a young man to help you out. He walks alongside you as you push the cart to your car.

When you arrive at your car, the young man reaches for the box.

“Wait,” you say. You hand him your phone. “Will you take a picture of me carrying the box?”

He laughs and agrees.

And so you pull the box of shelves from the cart and pose.