When teaching clients a new movement they often ask me if they are doing it "right." I understand this, of course. We need guidance from our teachers to let us know that we are indeed developing proper habits {in this case movement patterns} that will lead us down the path toward our goals. We want to be certain that our practice is deliberate and worthy. Part of the learning process, however, consists of doing things "wrong." I often let my clients move in "wrong" ways {so long as they aren't in danger of hurting themselves} because it is in the doing of the movement that refinement and mastery emerge. Movement is not an intellectual exercise; you cannot think your way to strength or power or agility or grace. It's the same with handwriting. So far this morning I have had four "wrong" attempts at lettering a statement for my website. I might keep at it; I might let it go for today and come back tomorrow. Either way, I enjoy this curious, creative, curvy process that is being alive.