Hello From The Institute of Moves, Muscles & Eternal Optimism

On Thursday afternoon I lift weights with four women whom I adore. I have started naming our workouts after kickass women who inspire me as a way to engage our intellectual curiosity and expand our sisterhood beyond the time and space of the studio. Today we did Nellie Bly, a rabble rousing investigative report who covered ~ among other things ~ political corruption. We're gonna need lots of that spirit in the coming years. Here are the cards I made for us to keep track of today's workout, which I created to honor Nellie's record breaking trip around the world ~ she did it in 72 days ~ we did (or attempted, at least): 72 kettlebell swings, 72 pushups, 72 lunges and 72 trx rows.

And written on the studio whiteboard, I put a quote from Nellie Bly: "I have never written a word that did not come from my heart. I never shall."