Reasons To Be Fit #17

Taxes need doing and emails need responding and books need writing and deadlines need meeting. The list of practical to-dos is endless.

But when you are fit, you know that practical’s only job is to manifest divine inspirations. In other words: We do what needs to be done ~ clean the house, pay the bills, cook the dinner ~ only so that we can follow our hearts with greater ease. When you are fit you know that practical matters must serve your heart’s longing, not squelch it.

That’s why you pause when you see three boxes of bricks sitting on the side of the road as you walk to get your morning coffee. You have so much to do today, but these are beautiful bricks, covered in bright green moss. Immediately your mind envisions what you will do with them in your garden.

Even though it is pouring rain you run back home and get your car and load the boxes one by one. You drive home. You carry the boxes, one by one, through the front yard, around the house, down the winding rocky staircase, into the back yard.

It’s fun to be fit.