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What Strength Training Means To Me

Amanda Ford

For me, strength training is not about body composition or aesthetics of any sort. It's not about competition or striving for a specific load on specific lift for ego's sake. It's not about numbers.

For me, strength training is about presence, practice and patient persistence. These characteristics are not my strong suits. These are not the strong suits of our culture in general.

I put this kettlebell sequence together as a way to challenge myself in these areas. With an 8kg bell, I can do it easily while daydreaming and scheming, whipping through the sequence without being present to the moment at all.

As soon as I grab the 12kg bell, the same sequence becomes fierce. If I lose focus, I nearly lose the bell from my hand.

It is my mind ~ not my body ~ that poses my greatest strength challenge. It is a deep, abiding attention that I long to cultivate.

My goal is perform this sequence continuously for 5 sets on each side using a 16kg bell: Single arm swing, Swing to clean, Press, Snatch, Bent press, Slingshot.

I look forward to keeping you posted as to how my progress goes!