Should you ever take yourself and your work too seriously, may all the goddesses and muses and dakinis conspire to bring you back to reality.

How To Grow

father's cell
your mother's cell
you became.

You did not need
a to-do list,
project manager,
motivational speaker
to grow
a human,

Life knows
what to do.
This rule
even now.

Trust it.
Let breath
breathe you.


Don’t bore me with your big ideas, grand schemes.

I want to see you on a Tuesday
when the only thing to eat
is broccoli, no vacation plans.

Can you make art from the most ordinary of days?


Want to be an expert at something you love? Don't try to be the smartest or the most renowned. Be the greatest lover instead, the most curious and devoted. Trade small certainties for absolute delight.

My People

Those with hearts wide open
Fast forever friends
Easy laughers
Loud voices who know when to
be quiet and can sit silent with ease

The sleeve-roller-uppers
The what-needs-to-be-done-doers

Diplomatic, extroverted, truth-telling loners
with smile lines and wicked minds

The perspective seekers

Moon gazing skinny dippers who
take nothing personally
but feel it all and
let it go

A Poem For The Eclipse

On the day the moon went
forward of the sun, she woke again,
a Monday, vowed again to
her best with what she had
~ just a little bit ~
knowing that most things
she does not know. A prayer again:
"Make me a vessel, empty
and clear. May truth flow
through and kindness too." It is
a tender thing to try not
for perfect, but for simple and soft
progress is not what it seems.