Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale

0 = Rest
In a hammock on a beach.

1 = Very Easy
Not tired at all. Very light activity. You could move this way all day long.

2 = Easy
Light Activity, could easily go for hours without strain. Easy to breathe an can easily carry on a conversation. 

3 = Easy

4 = Moderate
Breathing heavier, you can begin to notice your breathing here, begin to sweat some, can still carry on a conversation, but it’s harder to do so. You are beginning to notice the effort. Very light jog.

5 = Moderate Plus

6 = Hard
You now know that you are working hard. You can speak a sentence. ~ 30 minutes of steady state effort.

7 = Very Hard
Talking is harder and breathy.

8 = Vigorous
One word answers.

9 = Extremely Difficult
No talking.

10 = Maximum Effort
Running from a lion!