This American Life examines the hatred and discrimination that fat women experience.

Dear Sugar Radio explores how our body image ~ for both men and women ~ can interfere with our romantic lives.

Sister Joan Chittister speaks to Oprah about why she believes that “nothing is going to change in the world until the situation of women changes.”


Beautiful and inspiring interview with Vidyamala Burch about using mindfulness as a way of coping with chronic and acute pain. I highly recommend this listen for everybody.

Conversation between two medical doctors (who also happen to be strength coaches) about how to handle pain in relationship to movement.

DIY massage therapy at Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief.


“The more you fall. The more you overcome the fear of falling,” says Elliott Royce, a 95 year old man who teaches seniors how to fall without hurting themselves.


Biomechanist Katy Bowman gives an insightful education about the cardiovascular system (hint: it’s more than just your lungs and heart) and builds a compelling case against performing chronic cardio.

Mark's Daily Apple examines more evidence against chronic cardio.