SKILL-BASED STRENGTH: 2-4 Days, 20-60 minutes

Choose multi-joint movements such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, turkish get ups and overhead presses.

Think of these lifts as skills to master and perform with grace. Once you feel confident with the movements, pick a weight that is medium to heavy for you (NOT a light weight!) and allows you to complete 5 - 10 repetitions, with the last 2 repetitions being challenging. Rest between sets as you need.

Remember: This is NOT a time to push your heart-rate to its peek, but rather a time to improve your movement skill and pure strength.

Warm up for 5 - 10 minutes by walking, biking, jogging, dancing or anything else that brings you into your body and gets your blood flowing.

Perform any needed or desired restorative exercises before your strength circuit. This includes planks, crawling and hip bridges.

If you have the energy, add a 2 - 5 minute high-intensity finisher at the end of your strength workout.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Pick 3 lifts that you’d like to work on and perform them as a circuit for 3 - 5 rounds.

Circuit x 3

a) Deadlift, any variation
b) Incline Push Up
c) Pause Squat
d) TRX Row -OR- Integrated Hang -OR- Isometric Scapular Crisscross
e) Split Squat

Circuit x 4

You can use dumbbells or kettlebell(s) for this circuit. Complete the exercises back to back without rest. Once you finish the 5 exercises, rest for 1 minute and then complete another round.

a) Clean
b) Squat
c) Overhead Press
d) Alternating Reverse Lunge
e) Bent Over Row