About Amanda

Amanda Ford | Personal Trainer Seattle | Movement Muse

I’m a strength coach famous for philosophical pontification, a yogini fascinated by street art, a poet soul enamored with weight lifting, self-taught body nerd outsider artist.

In my next life I will return as a dancer.

I do my best with what I’ve got. I see all of life as art.

I help women take delight in and take care of their bodies with strength training and movement play.

To me, being strong means having the capacity to meet the challenges and adventures that life brings your way.

Where body meets spirit is my fascination.

Movement instructor since 1998.

I can help you...

Foster a kind relationship to your body.

Cut through the confusing messages from the fitness industry to build an exercise program that is sane, enjoyable and gets you the results you want.

Work with and around musculoskeletal pain and illness.

Strengthen your body during and after pregnancy in a way that supports and honors the complex experience that is becoming and being a mother.

Build a safe strength training program to improve bone mineral density and reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Create a movement practice to nourish you through and beyond menopause.

Build mastery and capacity in foundational movement patterns.

Develop a relaxed and nourishing approach to eating.

Sense your body in the present moment with simple embodiment practices to enjoy all the delights of being alive and to stay grounded in your body during times of stress.

Experience your body as a wellspring of wisdom that can guide you toward your most healthy and meaningful life.

Professional Certifications:

What Clients + Students Say...

"In 2012 I had 20 broken bones from a bicycle accident. It is one year later and, thanks to my personal trainer, Amanda Ford, no one would guess. She is not just a personal trainer; she is a body guru. She knows anatomy like a physician, and can train anyone to a place of body integration, strength and flexibility. She saved my life by giving me my body, and hence my physicalness, back. I can never thank her enough."

Katherine Powell

"There are so many exceptional qualities about Amanda. She believes deeply in being kind to one's body and spirit. This is an essential mindset for an overall sense of well-being and for a lifetime of learning how to live in a body. Working with Amanda is truly transformational on all levels: Physical, mental and spiritual!  I feel so very, very fortunate to have found her!"

Gabriella Moller

“I have worked for 30 years as an orthopedic physical therapist and Amanda Ford is the most skilled and talented person I have worked with in the area of strength and conditioning. Her understanding of body mechanics and creative progression of exercises is exceptional. She is an inspiration to be with and simply a gem of a person.”

Kate Burns

"When I started training with Amanda about a year ago, I told her that I injure easily and she listened! Amanda worked so carefully with me that I’ve simply gotten much stronger and my sports related injuries are a rare occurrence now. Amanda is so knowledgeable and creative that she somehow makes working hard feel like play."

Meg Agnew

"She is knowledgable and intuitive when interacting with students at every level, encouraging achievement and balance for each individual. The joy she takes in helping you meet your physical goals will cause you to enjoy the effort!"

Amado Shuck

“My occasional FaceTime check-ins with Amanda have been instrumental in helping me change my relationship to my body. Amanda's enthusiasm is so inspiring ~ her energy is palpable even through the computer screen! Our talks are not just sitting in front of the computer, but filled with movement. Sometimes she leads me through stretches. Other times we talk while we both go for a walk. After our calls she sends me all the notes I need keep to moving. I'm so grateful for this woman!”

Alice Jackson

"Every session with Amanda is a new adventure in fitness. Her creativity brings variety, challenge and a sense of accomplishment to my workouts. The lessons I've learned from her have aided me in all aspects of my life."

Ann Wittkowsky

"Amanda supported me in my desire to get fit for a three week trek in Nepal. She knew exactly what I needed to prepare for my adventure and tailored a program of strength training and cardio work which was challenging, but achievable. She explained the physiology behind each exercise in clear terms, and I always felt she was my partner, cheering me on to the next level. When Amanda is with you, she gives you 100% of her attention. She is focused intensely on you and your training, and her passion for helping others meet their goals is inspiring and uplifting.Training with Amanda was wonderful gift I gave myself!"

Kas Baker

"I have been to other trainers but think Amanda has something a little extra and special. She is just a really chill, sincere person. That should not be trivialized when working with a trainer, because if you are like me you may have some issues about your body or strength or health or whatever. Amanda will put you at ease, I promise!"

Jennifer Bisson

"She is energetic, focused and an enthusiastic trainer. I am an older adult so I am interested in maintaining my fitness level into my 90's. Her workouts are sensible, intelligent, and I have been impressed by the results that I have gained over time.  I highly recommend her!"

Paul Schoenfeld

"Amanda is strong and motivating. She has an inborn optimism that is energizing for all. She is light years ahead of the rest in that she is a good coach who understands what it takes to truly inspire."

Heidi Durham

"She is a professional, lovely trainer who listens and tailors my workout in a safe and motivating way. She checks in every time to ask how my body is doing, takes notes on my workout and devises a personalized session to strengthen and stretch my weak areas. As a 65 year old devoted yogi, tennis player, hiker, strength and aerobic work out person I never knew how weak I actually was until working with Amanda. I’m glad I found out, because now my body is becoming stronger and more flexible because of her. She is wise beyond her years. How she finds time to do workshops, blogs and videos with her full time schedule is impressive."

Suzy Titcomb

"After one session we fell in love with our instructor, Amanda. She has a grace in style for motivating. You leave her presence truly feeling like you’re number one!"

Megan and Carlos Franco

"In her enthusiastic and competent style, she tailored a program that eased me into this new world of strength training. Our sessions are creative, interactive and effective. She has deep and appropriate knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal function, a natural ability to teach and convey instructions and recognizes adjustments needed for safe and effective execution of movements. She’s patient as well as encouraging. In a year and a half I’m stronger than at any other time in my life and look forward to every appointment with Amanda. Truly the best fitness decision I’ve ever made!"

Lauren Snider

"Amanda Ford is fantastic. I used to get lower back pain during long runs and while standing at my lab bench at work. The pain has completely disappeared because of what I have learned from working with her."

Betsy Gray

“I truly appreciate Amanda's knowledge, efficiency, and enthusiastic style. Our three sessions together were packed with wonderful information and resources that have empowered me to resolve nagging issues and increase full body strength."

Koren Copps