Strong Body. Strong Heart.

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This 12-week self-paced eCourse will help you develop a basic resistance training program built around functional movement patterns. You will receive support to get started and inspiration to follow through!

My Supple + Strong training approach integrates diaphragmatic breathing, targeted mobility and practical strength training to help you build capacity for all the activities of your life. You will get stronger, breathe freer and move better.

Life is too short not to feel at home in your body!

This workshop is great for any woman who:

  • Is new to strength training

  • Struggles to stick with her movement practice

  • Finds that she is often injured when participating in group exercise classes

  • Wants to develop a simple strength training routine that she can do at home or at a gym

  • Is ready to get moving more after having a baby (whether 6 months ago or 6 years ago!)

  • Needs to strengthen her bones and balance because of an osteopenia or osteoporosis diagnosis

  • Would like to refine her understanding of the foundational principles of good movement and strength training

  • Hates the body shaming and push-until-you-drop mentality of fitness culture

  • Considers herself more artist than athlete