Descartes Had It Wrong

Cogito ergo sum.

Je pense donc je suis.

I think therefore I am?

Not so, old man!

Not so!

We are not thoughts only. We are creatures of the body, of the breath, of the absolute inexplicable.

Envision the climber atop a ridge. It is not thinking that makes him most alive. Oh no! For him it is mountain air, it is muscles pulsing from work, it is the view down and out and up forever, it is the sense of personal smallness amongst such extraordinary big, it is unspeakable awe where the only thought might be this: Wow.

Picture the yogi, her limbs looped, her breath smooth, inhale and out. In this moment it is not individual thought ~ but lack of it ~ that gives her proof of life.

And imagine you and a lover in a night together. It is not thinking together that enlivens every cell. It is the skin to skin, the tender heartbeat beat beat, the union total.

It is the physical.

The backpacking traveler eating foreign food, the diver slicing water, the trapeze artist arching in air, the barefoot beachcomber basking in sun, the dervish whirling...

Just think of me when I am dancing. It is the body of my partner and the body of me. There are tumbling notes of music, there are shapes of trunks and limbs, but there is no sense in it. There is movement only and I assure you that when I am dancing ~ without thought ~ I very much am.

I am.

And you are too.