Will You Join Me For A Power Promenade?

On I daily basis I watch, teach, assess and motivate people to move. A big part of this job involves problem solving. I have to figure out what might be preventing a client from accessing full hip extension, or help a client with a broken foot find ways to move that support the healing process, or overcome psychological resistance that some exhibit when being asked to move beyond their comfort zones, or be able to teach complex movements to a group of people all with different body types and learning styles.

I enjoy this part of my job, even when it is difficult and I seem to be hitting only dead ends. On some level I think even enjoy my job the most when it is difficult and I seem to be only hitting dead ends. This is where my growth comes.

One of my favorite problems to solve is the one of helping people ~ my clients and those of you reading this blog ~ is the problem of time and motivation. How can we make movement a seamless part of our busy daily lives? How can people who feel put off and alienated by the fitness industry find joy and delight in {and thereby all the health benefits that come along with} moving their bodies?

This video is one of one small attempt and helping solve this very problem. I hope you enjoy it.