Windmill At The Wall

  • Step forward with the leg closest to the wall.

  • Ground strongly into your feet, particularly through the heel of your outside (back) leg.

  • Keep the frontal hip point of your outside leg moving back.

  • Rotate from your chest and upper back.

  • Watch your hand with your eyes as you rotate.

  • Keep your legs grounded and your pelvis still.

  • Keep the front of your rib cage moving down and back and your bra-line full.

  • Breathe easily through your nose with a relaxed abdomen.

  • Perform 5 - 10 repetitions.

Split Stance Static Rotation At The Wall

  • Stand with your inside leg forward.

  • Ground strongly through both feet.

  • Keep your pelvis facing forward.

  • Turn your chest toward the wall without moving your hips.

  • Keep the front of your rib cage moving down and back with your bra-line full.

  • Look toward your extended hand.

  • Use your other hand on the wall for assistance.

  • Breathe easily for 5 - 10 breaths.

Active Rotation At The Wall

  • Hinge at your hips and rest your butt against the wall.

  • Press both sitting bones into the wall with equal pressure.

  • Rotate through your chest and attempt to open your breastbone to the sky.

  • Keep the front of your ribcage resting down. Keep your bra-line full and moving back.

  • Watch your moving hand with your eyes.

  • Keep your extended arm in the same plane as your shoulder. Your extended arm follows your chest, but does not lead the way. Do not throw your arm back.

  • Dot not arch your back (in other words, do not backbend) as you rotate. Keep your ribcage relaxed down and your bra-line full.

  • Keep both sitting bones pressing equally into the wall

  • Breathe easily. Do not tense your abdomen or restrict your breath.

  • Perform 5 - 10 repetitions.