Lying Twist

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet on the floor and your arms spread.

Make sure that you have positioned your rib cage so that your front ribs are aligned into your body and your mid-back (just above and below your bra-line) is resting on the floor.

2. Shift your hips to your right.

3. Straighten your left leg.

4. Lift your right leg off the floor. Keep your knee bent.

5. Take your right knee in your left hand.

6. Move your leg across your body.

KEEP your right shoulder blade on the floor!

DO NOT back bend as you twist.

Relax and breathe easily in this shape. Can you surrender to the pull of gravity? Can you feel your body heavy on the floor?

7. Optional: Gently lift your head from the floor and turn your head to the right. Place your right ear on the floor. If this is a strain for your neck or inhibits your breathing, return your head to neutral.

Core Press Out (Pallof Press)


Set a cable or band to chest height.

Stand a couple feet away from the cable or band.

Stand with your feet directly under your hip bones.

Align your rib cage directly over your pelvis.

Press the cable or band directly out in front of you.

DO NOT allow the band to pull your body into a rotation. Can you feel your abdominals engaging to resist the rotation?

Hold for 5 seconds.

Breathe easily through your nose. Keep your shoulders, neck and jaw relaxed.

Repeat for 5 - 10 repetitions.

Lying Limb Reach 1


Set your rib cage with an exhale. Feel the weight of your mid-back against the floor

If you are holding a yoga block, press strongly into the yoga block with your palms, particularly with the pinky finger edge of your palm. If you do not have a yoga block you can simply mimic this action with an imaginary yoga block.

Keep your ribs down and your back against the floor as you reach your arms overhead.

Pause in the extended position for several breaths.

Lying Yoga Block Pull Over

Anchor the back of your ribcage into the floor.

Squeeze a yoga block between your forearms.

Rotate your shoulders so that your palms orient in the direction of your head.

Keep elbows in line with your wrists. DO NOT let your elbows move wider and outside of your wrists.

Pause in the extended position and breathe easily for several breaths.

Repeat for 5 rounds.

To make this movement more challenging, progress to the Lying Dumbbell Pullover.

Suitcase Carry

Pick up the kettlebell with good technique, as though you are performing a single hand deadlift. Do no round your spine as you bend down to pick up the kettlebell.

Stand tall and walk with upright posture. Imagine you are balancing a book on top of your head as you walk.

Seat your shoulder back in the socket.

Keep your elbow straight. Engage your triceps, the muscles on the back of your arm.

When you are ready to set the kettlebell down, do so with good technique. Do not round your spine. Instead, hinge at your hips and use your legs as though you are performing a deadlift.