Split Stance

Hip Extension Mobilization Sequence 1

Movement #1: Half-Kneeling x 1 minute each side

*If the hip on your front leg is hiked up, relax it down. Your hips should be level.

*Find a neutral pelvis by aligning your pubic bone slightly forward of your hip bones.

*Breathe easily in and out through your nose for 1 minute.

*Repeat on both sides before moving onto movement #2.

Movement #2: Half-Kneeling with Butt Engagement x 30 seconds x 3 rounds

*While maintaining your neutral pelvis, engage the butt muscles on the back leg

*Hold for 30 seconds while breathing easily and engaging your butt like crazy!

*Relax and repeat for 3 total rounds on one side before moving onto the other side.

*Bonus points if you can feel how engaging your butt moves your the top of your femur back in your hip socket and your thighbone slightly back in space.

*Do sequence on both sides before moving on to Movement #3.

Movement #3: Opposite Contractions

*Engage the butt muscle on your back leg while attempting to drag your knee backward and imagining that you were going kick your heel to your butt (without actually do it).

*Hold this contraction strongly for 20 - 30 seconds.

*Then perform the opposite contraction by actively kicking your back foot into the floor and attempting to drag your back knee forward in space.

*Hold this contraction actively for 20 - 30 seconds.

*Move back into the first contraction and repeat the sequence for a total of 3 rounds.

*Make sure to end with the the hip extension engagement. This means the engagement where the butt muscles on your back leg are actively trying to pull your thigh bone back in space and move your pelvis slightly forward in space.

90-90-90 Lunge


Set up in a squared lunge with your back hip over your back knee and your front knee over your front ankle.

Keep your spine perpendicular and your pelvic bowl in neutral.

Press equally into both feet to come up to stand. Push the floor away from you!

Keep your back knee bent while straightening your front knee to keep your pelvis in neutral.

Return completely to the floor and begin again from a dead stop.

Hip Bridge March #1 + #2

Once you are able to successfully hold a Hip Bridge for 30 seconds for 3 sets, you are ready to attempted the Hip Bridge March.

The key points from the Hip Bridge exercise also apply to the Hip Bridge March: Keep your full foot on the floor, keep your feet and knees aligned with your hip bones and pointing straight forward.


Hip Bridge March #1:

Transfer your weight to your RIGHT side, particularly feeling for the muscles of your right butt and hamstrings.

Pick your LEFT heel off the floor.

Continue to root down strongly through your right foot.

Do not allow your hips to shift or drop.

Do not allow your spine to back bend.

Can you feel the butt and hamstring of the grounded leg? Can you keep your hips high and your pelvis level?

Pause in the top position and hold for 5 - 10 breaths.

If your hamstring muscles on your right leg cramp, stop and reset. Do the movement again while attempting to recruit more butt muscles.

Repeat the movement with your left foot on the ground and your right heel off the floor.

Perform 3 - 5 reps on each leg.

Hip Bridge March #2:

Once you master Hip Bridge #1, begin to lift the entire foot off the floor. All the same alignment points apply.

Half-Kneeling Play

1) Align yourself by dropping into the hip of your front leg (the tendency is to hike this side of your pelvis up). Then, without hiking your hip up again, bring your public bone forward.

2) Shift forward and backward by driving entirely with your back foot and knee. Can feel how pushing your back foot into the floor moves your body forward? And how energetically dragging your back foot forward moves your body backwards?

3) Now shift forward and backward by driving with your front foot. Notice your body move forward as you energetically drag your front foot toward you and backward as you push your front foot into the floor.

4) Engage the butt of your back leg as strongly as you can. Can you feel a stretch in your hip and thigh? Hold this strong contraction for 30 seconds while breathing easily. Repeat this engagement/stretch for a total of 3 rounds.