Dumbbell Squat


  • Stand with your feet just wider than your pelvis with your feet slightly turned out.

  • Externally rotate your thigh bones. Feel your weight shift to the lateral part of your foot.

  • Sense into your feet, particularly your heels.

  • Hold the dumbbells in front of your shoulders with the bars parallel to the floor and your elbows directly under your wrists.Initiate the squat by shifting your hips back, NOT by bending your knees forward.

  • Feel for your heels as you continue to sit down and back into your hips.

  • Your knees will eventually come forward slightly.

  • Attempt to sit your hips just below the top of your knee cap.

  • Pause in the bottom for a moment, keep feeling for your heels, keep your thigh bones externally rotated and your knees wide.

  • Press your feet strongly in floor to return to stand. Push the floor away from you as you stand.



Keep your dumbbells tight!

This means: 

  1. Dumbbells in front of shoulders

  2. Elbows under wrists

  3. Dumbbell bars parallel to the floor

  4. Shoulders relaxed back and down away from your ears

In the photo below, my wrists are sloppy. Do you see how the dumbbell bars are no longer parallel to the ground? This is not right, because it is not tight.

In the picture below the dumbbells are way too far forward of my body.

But don't be lazy and rest the dumbbells on your shoulders as in the picture below. You're here to work, so keep it tight!

Keep it right! Keep it tight! Now: Get squatting!