Pelvic Teeter Totter / Pelvic List / Hip Hike


  • Teaches the up and down, piston-like action of the pelvis and hips that should occur in a healthy gait pattern.

  • Improves lateral hip stability, which can in turn improve single leg balance.

  • Takes pressure off knees and low back when walking.


  • Keep your knees straight throughout the entire exercise!

  • Thighs externally rotated.

  • Legs perpendicular to the floor and pelvis aligned over ankles.

  • Shift your weight to your RIGHT leg WITHOUT letting your upper body lean. As you do this, draw your right hip both down toward the floor and in toward your body. Your LEFT hip should lift up in response to the lowering of your right hip. Can you pause for a moment? Can you feel the muscles of your right butt working?

  • Alternate back and forth.

  • Then try several repetitions on one leg.