3 Moves

3 Moves To Improve Your Hip Extension (Series 1)

Movement #1: Half-Kneeling x 1 minute each side

If the hip on your front leg is hiked up, relax it down. Your hips should be level.

Find a neutral pelvis by aligning your pubic bone slightly forward of your hip bones.

Breathe easily in and out through your nose for 1 minute.

Repeat on both sides before moving onto movement #2.

Movement #2: Half-Kneeling with Butt Engagement x 30 seconds x 3 rounds

While maintaining your neutral pelvis, engage the butt muscles on the back leg

Hold for 30 seconds while breathing easily and engaging your butt like crazy!

Relax and repeat for 3 total rounds on one side before moving onto the other side.

Bonus points if you can feel how engaging your butt moves your the top of your femur back in your hip socket and your thighbone slightly back in space.

Do sequence on both sides before moving on to Movement #3.

Movement #3: Opposite Contractions

Engage the butt muscle on your back leg while attempting to drag your knee backward and imagining that you were going kick your heel to your butt (without actually do it).

Hold this contraction strongly for 20 - 30 seconds.

Then perform the opposite contraction by actively kicking your back foot into the floor and attempting to drag your back knee forward in space.

Hold this contraction actively for 20 - 30 seconds.

Move back into the first contraction and repeat the sequence for a total of 3 rounds.

Make sure to end with the the hip extension engagement. This means the engagement where the butt muscles on your back leg are actively trying to pull your thigh bone back in space and move your pelvis slightly forward in space.