Last night I returned the phone call that I told myself I would not.

Our interaction wasn't as bad as I had expected.

Nor was it much better.

He told me, "I think we have the same dreams."

{He was talking about the dreams of sleep that reveal the subconscious and give glimpses into the mysteries of our existence, not the the dreams of daylight that reveal hopes and future plans.}

I thought he was being melodramatic mostly. On another level, though, one not too deep below the surface, I wanted to believe it to be true. I thought it very well could be.

After all, it was my dream that reconnected us after we had drifted apart last summer.

I wanted it to be true not because of what such a thing would say about he and I in particular, but because of what it would say about all of us in general. Human beings. Our connectedness. If we can dream in unison, then the boundaries between us are not drawn by flesh.

If he and I can have the same dreams, then certainly you and I can have the same dreams.

Or can we?

I've been thinking about connection. What is it? To dream the same dreams -- would that be special? Unique? Would that <i>mean</i> something?

He said last night so much about how he feels connected to me -- I think we have the same dreams and other things.

And I have to admit, it stirred me. I feel it too, on one level.

On another level, a clearer and stronger level, I know he is not my match. We are vastly different in ways that truly matter.

So why the draw? And why still so strong? Many men have spoke these sorts of words in my ear to no affect. Why do his affect me? Why does he linger?

Pheromones? Unresolved childhood of origin issues? Past life relations?

And does it even matter?

What is connection anyway?

And can't it grow and can't it change?