Last night I dreamt that my credit and debit cards were stolen and I couldn't get through to the bank to cancel them before the thieves maxed my limit and stole every penny. It's a stress dream, of course, about the huge financial investment I have just made. The past two months my joke has been, "Every time I turn around, it's $1000.00."

It's actually more truth than joke.

But. But, but, but... What is my money if not a tool to help me build my dream life?

And now one of my biggest dreams has come true: A beautiful space to do my work. My. Work.

This first week has been magical. My clients have been positive beyond belief. And all of you ~ YOU! I appreciate you tremendously. It's amazing the way a little thumbs up or a quick supportive comment can boost morale. I mean it you all: Thank you.

My little studio has come together with equal parts hard work and good luck. And it has been an ample serving of both. I am lucky. And grateful. And overjoyed. I am pinching myself.

Today I finally got to do my first official workout here in this space. Wow. Yeah.

Now, I'm off to catch my breath and do something else, like look at art or clean my bathroom. There will be no painting this weekend, no buying equipment, no thought or talk of work. Just feeling my heart beat and smiling. So, so big.