Hello From The Institute of Moves, Muscles & Eternal Optimism

Usually I don't want to workout. It's true. Usually I want to daydream, to read philosophy books, to practice my handwriting, to drink tea, to clean my house. But I know that ~ like my flossing my teeth ~ a regular workout is an important tool for keeping my muscles and bones strong, my hormones balanced, and my mind in the right place. I never regret a workout. I'm always glad I did it, but also always struggle to get going.

Because of this, I've developed a deal with myself. "Just get warm," I say. "If you still don't want to workout after your body is warm, you can stop." This deal always works for me. Getting warm is easy enough, about 10 minutes of my favorite dance moves or a yoga asana flow or a brisk walk around the block. Once my body is warm, I nearly always want to to keep going. And I do.

Occasionally, though, I don't want to keep going. So I don't. I know that my desire to stop is a sign that I need to stop. My body needs rest.

Instead I read poetry or take a slow walk or lie in the widow seat for as long as I can.