How to Begin

First you must move.

To begin is to move.

It's also true the other way round, you know. To move is to begin. Nothing ever began by staying put.

Except maybe a thought. I suppose you could begin a thought without moving, but what is a thought without outward movement on its behalf?

A thought without movement is nothing more than silent, self chitchat. Speculation. Illusion. Insanity. Static.

I don't care much for thoughts in and of themselves, the way they chase their tails like mad puppies. Interesting and endearing for a moment perhaps, but exhausting if left cooped up with nothing more to do then run circles.

Movement is required for an idea to begin its true existence. Action.

Like this: My stepfather used to write books. {I say "used to" because he is dead now, but that is a story for our future, Sweet Readers.} People often asked my stepfather, "How do you write a book?"

He usually answered, "You get up, you walk to your desk, you sit down, you write."

In other words: You move.

Sure your body is ~ for the most part ~ unmoving as you sit at your desk and write, but if you were to sit still as stone, nothing would happen. Ultimately to begin and finish writing a book, you must lift your fingers, you must strike a key or glide your pen, you must craft a word and then a sentence and then a paragraph and so forth. There is movement across the page and down it. 

To begin requires movement. Thus if we want to begin ~ a novel, a painting, a business, a romance, a weight loss plan, an adventure, a revolution ~ we must move. 

We needn't make big moves or brilliant moves, tiny moves will do just fine.

And we mustn't think it about it all for too long, we mustn't consider strategy, we mustn't worry whether or not we will succeed or whether or not we are too old or whether or not the moon is in Saturn and whether or not Saturn is the proper place for the moon to be in order for us to make our moves.

Or, in the words of the former United States Poet Laureate, Kay Ryan:

"Intention doesn't sweeten.
It should be picked young
and eaten."

Do you have an intention, dear one? A longing? Something you would like to begin?


Then begin, lovie! Friend, move!

I shall too.