Make More Shapes: Sit On The Floor

One of my goals in my work is to help people make movement a seamless part of their daily lives. The truth is, our bodies don't need exercise like fancy indoor cycling classes, boot camps, marathon training and the like.

What our bodies do need is a great deal of natural movement such as walking, carrying and lifting heavy loads, and making a wide variety of shapes every day.

I'm not saying that exercise is bad {although it certainly can be, but that's a different conversation...}. If your workout is working for you, keep it up! I do, however, know that a lot of people get left out of experiencing the benefits of movement because exercise does not call to them.

For those of you who don't love exercise, I come with good news: Movement and exercise are not the same thing. You can easily add more movement into your life without having to set aside a chunk of time every day, without having to join a gym, without having to buy an exercise-specific wardrobe.

In hopes of inspiring all of you to move more, I have created this video series entitled "Make More Shapes." May these videos inspire you to use your body more throughout your day.