Movement Muse News: January 2018

I couldn’t always see the details.

When coaching a squat, for example, I could see the general shape, but not the particulars.

Were her knees falling in because of poor lateral hip strength or because of collapsing ankles?

Was his lack of depth in the squat due to limited ankle mobility, lack of motor control, weakness in his leg and hip muscles?

Were over arched backs caused by anterior pelvic tilts or too much extension at thoracolumbar junctions?

Today, after 8 years of working full time, one-on-one with clients, I can observe these details, can recognize many nuances of many movements.

Seeing these subtleties is delightful.

My clients often ask, “How did you notice that?!”

When this happens I feel sparkly, like a superhero with a secret power who just saved the day.

This is the beauty of commitment, of staying put, of digging deep.

Our world is filled with distractions, our economy fueled by Newest! Lastest! Greatest!

But if we are always moving on to the next thing, we live only on the surface.

Life takes time.

Uncovering mystery takes patience.

Getting to the depths takes steady (sometimes very uncomfortable) work.

Being able to see the complexity of a circumstance, of a given system, of life itself, to be at ease amongst the contradictions, to be able to articulate what you feel and sense comes only after a very, very, VERY long period of devotion and faith.


For the past 5 years I have been working on a list of philosophies that underpin my work as a strength coach and movement instructor.

Yep. It has taken me 5 years to write that list.

5 years! To. Write. A. List!

This list:

1) Proper Mindset + Imperfect Action = Progress

2) Move Your Body Every Day In A Way That Feels Good To You

3) Perform The Basics Beautifully

4) Move At A Smiling Pace

5) Lift Heavy Things, Sweat & Make More Shapes

6) Build A Nourishing Plate

7) Love Your People

8) Touch Nature

9) Expand Your Perspective

10) Retreat. Rest. Rejuvenate.

These 10 points guide my own relationship to movement, nutrition, creativity, community and spirituality. They also guide the ways in which I coach my clients.

This list might appear obvious, even quaint, at first read. But I assure you -- as is the case with all seemingly simple things -- there is a vast root system that supports each idea.

Over the next year in this newsletter and in my blog, I will share with you some of the depths behind each point on my list. I hope you will read along and share your thoughts on my thoughts.

Happy New Year, sweet friends!