Ode to Staying Home on Friday Night


When temptation comes knocking
with parties and gin,
be polite, say, “Thank you,
but tonight I’ll stay in.”

Going out is so fun,
but there is something more.
I’m talking about art,
creativity galore.

There are projects to do,
you must finish them all.
You were born with a gift,
can you answer the call?

Invoke your muses
and turn off the phone,
open your senses,
take a walk all alone.

Sharpen your pencils,
be silent and still.
When the right sentence comes
it is really a thrill.

Hour after hour, 
day after day,
with practice and patience
you’ll know what to say

When the work is complete,
go out. Have a blast.
Hard work must come first,
revelry last