Newsletter: June 2017

“Left foot. Right foot.”
It was five o’clock in the morning when Joe whispered in my ear. I was still dreaming, but the birds were already serenading the sunlight’s dance toward the sky.
“Yes,” I murmured in response.
Left foot. Right foot.
It is June. In the first week of this month it was 80 degrees one day and 63 the next.
Last month, May, I celebrated the 3 year anniversary of my beloved studio, The Institute of Moves, Muscles & Eternal Optimism.
In the month of May, I also learned that I am losing that studio, because the home where it is based is being sold.

Left foot. Right foot.
In the month of May, I married my playmate, my soulmate, my muse, my man, my Joe. We had planned to elope quietly to the courthouse downtown, but when friends caught word of this, they pleaded for a party.
We planned a wedding in 5 weeks. Family attended from out of town. We had music, art, delicious food. We wrote our own ceremony and vows that we recited on the warmest evening of the month in front two redwood trees as a pair bald eagles soared overhead. The next morning we woke, looked at each other and laughed so hard that tears came.
I love being a newlywed, a wife, in a way I never anticipated.

At the same time, I am grieving the loss of my sweet studio, feeling anxious about the changes I am facing surrounding my career.
I am also feeling optimistic about the doors that will open when this one closes.
Left foot. Right foot.
My tendency when ocean tides roll over my life is to either swim as fast as I can against the currents or to go placid while the waves pound me again and again onto the shore.
In other words, I run frantic trying put everything back where it’s “supposed” to be, where I can feign a sense of control. Or, I freeze, lie in bed binge watching and eating bags of corn chips and pints of ice cream. I bounce between the two states, and both choices leave me exhausted, disassociated from my body and depressed.
I am happy to say that with age (at nearly 40, I’m finally catching on to my antics) and with the support of compassionate partner (after three and a half years together, he’s catching on to my antics), I was able to hold my center quite well through the month of May.
Left foot. Period. Pause. Breathe.
Right foot. Period. Pause. Breathe.
It’s how you’ll find you moving through the month of June.
I am slowing down. And I am not stopping. Both, together.
And once again, summer is almost here.
As always,