Reasons To Be Fit #6

Reasons To Be Fit #6 3.png

When you’re fit, you can pound the pavement.

Left. Right. Left.

Life is gonna throw you blows, you know. Life is gonna challenge you to prove what you’re made of. It might even try to destroy you.

You will feel despair, you will feel anxiety, you will feel doubt, you will feel dread. You will sink into them for an hour, a day, a month, a year even. That’s OK. It’s right to ache when life beats your ass.

Eventually, though ~ sooner is always better than later in these situations ~ you gotta get up and move.

And you will, because you’re fit.

You walk it out. You walk fast and hard. You let yourself feel anger without feeling ashamed because you know that anger is sometimes the exact right choice, anger sets boundaries, the kind of boundaries we all need to survive in this world.

But just like you cannot dwell in despair, you mustn’t let anger be your final destination.

Keep moving.

Left, right. One, two.

Anger and despair. Let them into you. Let them mingle with vision and joy. Let them all know one another.

Keep walking. Let your heart pound. You will see: You are becoming the kind of person who can exist inside infinite paradox, the kind of person who can ~ without a doubt ~ handle whatever life brings her way.

You know what you’re made of, cause you’re fit.