Reasons To Be Fit #29

When you are fit, you don’t strive to “live your best life.” Instead you are willing to live your whole life. You live life as it is, as it comes. You don’t fear mundane or messy. You don’t need grand adventures to prove you are alive or acclaimed achievements to prove you have worth. You know that if you remain open and true, all the fullness and possibility for your human experience will come to you. At the end, as you descend to dust, as you shoot away on a star, you will marvel and you will gasp, “Oh my! That was it!”

Reasons To Be Fit #17

Your car gets hit in the middle of the night.

When you take it to the body shop for its estimate, the receptionist says, "When you drop off your car for its work, we’ll call the rental car company to come pick you up."

"I can walk to the rental car place," you say.

"Are you sure? It's a far distance."

"I've got it," you say.

When the rental car company calls to confirm your reservation the guy on the phone says, " we'll come pick you up once you drop your car off at the body shop."

"I'm going to walk," you say.

"Are you sure? It's like a mile and a half."

"I got it."

When you drop the car off at the body shop for its work, the receptionist asks again, "Are you sure you want to walk?"

"I'm sure."


So you walk. And the cherry blossoms bloomed their fullest. The air smelled its sweetest.

When you arrive at the rental company, the man at the desk asks, "How was your workout?"

"It was a mile and a half walk," you say.

"Wow! That's a lot."

You smile.

When you are fit, you never pass up an opportunity to walk amongst the blooms.