Reasons To Be Fit #55

When you are fit, you don’t strive to “live your best life.” Instead you are willing to live your whole life. You live life as it is, as it comes. You don’t fear mundane or messy. You don’t need grand adventures to prove you are alive or acclaimed achievements to prove you have worth. You know that if you remain open and true, all the fullness and possibility for your human experience will come to you. At the end, as you descend to dust, as you shoot away on a star, you will marvel and you will gasp, “Oh my! That was it!”

Reasons To Be Fit #25

You know to let yourself simply be as you are. When you are tired, you allow yourself to walk slowly, not measuring yourself against those passing you by. When you are uninspired, you stop, breathe deeply, look around. It's ok. Winter becomes spring always. Until it doesn't. It's ok. When you are fit, you know that the only things worth striving for are those that coax your heart open. And the limbs on those trees that grow straight out over the lake.

Reasons To Be Fit #20

You aren't afraid to stop mid-run, lie in the grass, smell the sweet decay of fall, savor the cool air. You know that fitness ~ the kind that sustains a lifetime ~ is about much more than numbers on a scale or a barbell or a distance-tracking app. Fitness is not only about measuring physical accomplishments, but about finding the right mindset and heartspace.

When you are fit you know that your body is not a machine to be programmed, not a work in progress to be perfected, not a sin to be punished, not a vessel to be purified. You know that your body is the flesh and manifestation of your soul. It is your home and is ~ without a doubt ~ a special thing to be enjoyed.