Optimism In Action

Movement Muse Optimism In Action

I named the studio where I train my clients "The Institute of Moves, Muscles and Eternal Optimism" not because I have an easily sunny disposition. Oh no! I slip into deep sadness and existential despair quickly, fully, often. In those moments I remind myself of my choice: stay stuck and feed the demons or move forward toward something truer. I can focus on what is wrong, what brings me down or on what is right, what energizes me. Yesterday I felt strong in body and spirit, jumping to high boxes and squatting with a very heavy bar on my back. Today a very heavy feeling in my heart, my mind stuck on repeat. "Move forward, move through," I tell myself. And I do. A walk down alleys with green tea in hand. It helps, but only minimally, but minimal is just enough today. Don't send me cheery wishes or sympathy thoughts. Instead promise me this: the next time you find your heart hurt, take a walk and breathe deep and think of me and know you are not alone and focus on what helps, not on your own destruction. Or to put it another way, in the words a good friend taught me: KEEP MOVING. It helps. If even just a little.