Backyard Bathing


Last year my husband and I moved into my childhood home. The house was becoming too much for my mom to take care of on her own, but it is such an exquisite piece of property and I knew we couldn’t let it go.

So my husband and I moved in and took over the maintenance and upkeep. The yard is large and reaches into a forested green belt. We have been working hard in the yard ~ digging, pulling, planting.

Whenever I am away, I daydream about coming home. When faced with a choice: Go out or play in the yard, my husband and I choose the yard nine times out of ten.

I lie in the grass. I watch the birds and the bunnies and the deer. I talk to the flowers. I feel the breath of the trees on my skin. “I love you trees,” I whisper. I dissolve into the green.