Strong Woman Society:
Strength Basics Workshop for Women 50+

6 Saturdays

January 4th - February 8th 2020

9:30am - Noon

Located in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood

Limited to 8 participants. 5 spots remaining!


This course helps women build simple, sustainable strength training programs so that they can embrace the challenges and adventures that life brings their way.

Not your average fitness class!

4 Reasons Strong Woman Society is Extraordinary:


The curriculum for this class is built on over two decades of experience helping people move better and get stronger.

I have worked for over 20 years teaching movement to people ranging in age from 14 to 84. I have worked with clients through many life stages, injuries, illnesses and surgeries. From straight forward joint surgeries to complicated abdominal surgeries, from concussions to lymphedema, from tendonitis to rare autoimmune diseases, from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, from PTSD to depression to grief… there’s not much I haven’t been close to in terms of what the human body and psyche can experience.

I know how to meet how to meet you where you are and help you on your journey to where they want to be.


In most fitness classes, you are led by an instructor who might not even know your name let alone anything about your body or preferences when it comes to movement. You get lost in a crowd!

Strong Woman Society is limited to 8 participants and is taught by 2 coaches: myself and my assistant, Sarah. This means you receive plenty of guidance to make the workouts fit your body and your life.

Most fitness classes in Seattle cost between $20 and $37 per hour. These classes typically offer little to no personalized instruction.

Our workshop costs $41 per hour ~ this is a tremendous value given all the individual attention and all support materials you will receive including a printed workbook and video library.


We know how to teach movement in a way that is simple and effective. Our class is not driven by fads, but by time-tested techniques to give you the most benefit for your time. We will teach you how to perform the basics beautifully and how to progress these basic movements when you’re ready for a new challenge. Our clear, systematic approach makes it easy for you to learn, implement, follow through and maintain your movement program.

Care + Delight

Your body is the vehicle through which experience and express life. This is the highest guiding principle of the Strong Woman Society workshops and informs every programming decision made in the course.

The fundamental content of this course centers around exercise — specifically strength training — but the higher calling of the course remains present throughout. Although we will nudge you toward your edges and encourage you to expand your physical and mental boundaries, we do not see your body as something to be fixed, changed or punished.

Instead we focus on love and care as a way to nurture your body and spirit toward their highest potentials and we will encourage you to look at your body through this same lens.

Because life is too short not to feel at home in your body.

Over 6-weeks you will:

  • Move your body every day in a way that feels good to you.

  • Get stronger.

  • Experience first hand how being stronger makes everything in life more enjoyable.

  • Feel more at home in your body.

  • Learn to perform basic strength training movements with embodied integrity and ease.

  • Develop a simple and effective strength training routine that you can do anywhere, with whatever equipment available, for the rest of your life.

  • Create a new paradigm for exercise built on self-care and self-love instead of endless striving and shame.

  • Practice embodiment techniques so that your body can be your refuge, even in the most stressful of times.

  • Increase your capacity to embrace all the challenges and adventures that life brings your way.

The materials you will receive are:

  • A Printed Workbook filled with practical information and poetic inspiration to support you along the way

  • Instructional Videos to reinforce and expand upon the lessons you learn in class

Weekly Class Schedule:

9:30 - 9:45am: Playful Warm Up

9:45 - 11:15am: Movement Workshop + Exercise Session

11:15 - 11:45am: Connections

11:45am - Noon: Guided Relaxation

This class takes place in a private, light-filled studio.

Expect beautiful music, community and enjoyable hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What content will I receive in this course?

  • A Printed Workbook filled with practical information and poetic inspiration

  • Instructional Videos to teach you the movements and guide you through workouts

  • Personalized Coaching to customize the workouts to your body and your life

The content of Strong Woman Society centers around the nuts and bolts of creating a practical and impactful strength training program.

The higher calling of Strong Woman Society aspires to create a new paradigm through which we can engage with movement, exercise, our bodies, our hearts, our spirits and our world.

Both the content and the higher calling will be evident throughout all the course materials.

I’m already quite active with hiking, biking, yoga and tennis. Will this course be too easy for me?

The movement programming of this course centers around two main goals: Getting Stronger and Moving Well.

If you are not already committed to a regular strength training program or have not received an informed movement education, you will definitely benefit from Strong Woman Society.

I often refer to strength training as “Your trusty best friend,” because it makes everything more enjoyable. Being stronger will ~ without question ~ improve your ability to participate in your beloved activities with ease.

I don’t have access to a gym or have any strength training equipment. I live in a small apartment. Will I be able to complete this program?

If you are adaptable and willing to create time and space for movement, this course is for you.

While this course is about strength training, and while strength training does require progressive overload (ie weights) in order to be effective, I have made every attempt to create a full array of options for women in a variety of circumstances.

You do not need additional equipment to start the course, but you might find that you choose to purchase some pieces once you get started. In the course we do give recommendations for the most space and cost effective tools.

I already have a consistent strength training routine, but I’m digging your message and want more!

If you are already competent in strength training, you might find the programming to be too simple for you, but if you are interested in re-addressing the basics and come with a beginner’s mind you will definitely get something from the course.

In fall of 2020, I will be opening my online studio where there will be more varied levels of programming. This might be more up your alley.

I am also working on a book that will give you 250 pages of the messaging you are loving so much.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter in order to keep up to date with my latest offerings.

Why is this course only for women?

In my private practice, I do work with men and I adore them.

However, I wanted to create a course that takes into account the specific needs of a female body because I see these components are often overlooked in mainstream movement classes and programs.

The gender-specific considerations of this course include:

  • The anatomy of the female pelvis and reproductive organs and how this impacts the way we teach “core” engagement

  • How exercise can support (or undermine) efforts to improve conditions like pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, stress incontinence and certain types of hernias

  • Pregnancy ~ whether that was 6 months ago, 6 years ago, 16 years ago or 26 years ago!

  • Movement needs during and beyond perimenopause and menopause

  • The specific way cardiovascular diseases manifest in women and how exercise can be a tool to help prevent and treat these conditions

  • The particular type of body shame expereinced by cis-genered women in this specific time and place

I’m on the fence. Is Strong Woman Society worth it? What should I do?

Strong Woman Society is definitely worth your investment of time and money. 100%, without question, worth it!

There is no other course like this on the market and I am not your average movement instructor (You don’t have to take my word for it, click here to read testimonials from my students and clients).

That being said, I only want you to join us if you are 100% sure that this course is for you.

Due to the nature of online materials, I DO NOT offer refunds once the course is purchased. No exceptions.

If there is a technical question that you need answering in order to help you make your best decision, please send us an email and myself or my team will get back to. We’re here to help you.

If you just aren’t sure for a bunch of other reasons, there is no rush. Timing is an important part of making life changes. If this isn’t the right time for you, there will be another opportunity in the future. I offer this course 2 times per year.

Trust yourself that you’ll know when you are ready.

This course IS for you if you:

Are new to strength training

Struggle to be consistent with exercise

Need a little encouragement and support

Want a simple strength routine for home or gym

Are ready to get moving more after having a baby ~ whether 6 months, 6 years or 16 years ago

Have a health issue that your doctor told you could be improved with exercise

Notice that the activities you love or the tasks of daily life aren’t as easy as they used to be

Don’t feel as good as you’d like to and you have a sense that part (or all) of the solution is to incorporate more movement into your life

Want to refine her understanding of the foundational principles of good movement and strength training

Hate the body shaming and push-until-you-drop mentality of fitness culture

Enjoy working in community with other women

Consider yourself more artist than athlete

Long to feel a deeper connection to yourself and live a fuller expression of yourself


This course is NOT for you if you:

Want to find a quick way to lose weight

Already have a consistent strength training practice

Have pain or injuries that are currently causing you problems

Have pain or injuries that are easily flared with exercise

Are not able or willing to commit to 20 - 60 minutes of movement on 3 days per week

Are not willing to practice patient persistence as you work steadily toward your goals

Do not like the idea of working with women two decades older than you or two decades younger than you

Complain often

Are not intellectually curious

Tend to be competitive with and judgmental toward other women

Prefer to be a victim rather than an active agent in your own life

Focus on obstacles instead of looking for opportunities

Believe it is too late to get stronger and that growing older inherently means growing weaker